Whitening intimate wash for sensitive areas (Bikini & Under-arm)

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– Whitening cleanser for sensitive areas:

• Provides daily cleanliness and freshness.
• Brightens and renews sensitive areas.
• Contains chamomile and tea tree oil known for their brightening features.
• Gently cleanses the sensitive area while maintaining the natural pH balance.
• Rich in natural extracts that combat odor, itching, bacterial discharge, and provide intense freshness.
• Safe for daily use.
• For external use only.
• Apply a small amount directly onto the skin, massage gently, then rinse.

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Alpha Arbutin , Kojic acid & Licorice, Vitamin C, Dragostat, Melaslow- Honey- Panthenol- Marine Collagen- Chlorehexidine – Tea tree oil Extract – Chamomile