Whitening Face Cream with SPF50+

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• Face whitening cream enriched with 6 ingredients for double whitening With SPF 50+ for maximum Protection from UVA & UVB
• Patented formula featuring Japanese natural ingredients to eliminate skin pigmentation.
• Tightens and enhances skin radiance.
• Treats all types of pigmentation such as sunspots, melasma, and scars.
• Lightweight and fast-absorbing texture suitable for oily skin.
• Moisturizes the skin and increases its softness.
• Evens out skin tone.
• Provides maximum protection against harmful rays.
• For daily use, apply twice a day.

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Alpha Arbutin , Kojic acid & Licorice, Vitamin C, Dragostat, Melaslow- Honey- Panthenol- Marine Collagen- Hyaluronic acid- Caffein – Titanium Dioxide- Benzophenone