Nitolic Prevent – Hair Band

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NITOLIC® prevent hair bands – medical device used for the
prevention of head lice infestations (pediculosis).
Product is recommended to use when- in the nearest child’s surrounding
(ex. school, kindergarten) pediculosis
is noticed or the risk of head lice infestation occurs
(ex. summer camps, field days) No Pesticides No artificial components ,
100% Natural Formula
Make sure the child’s head is free of head lice and nits ,if the hair is wet ,
dry it Precisely before wearing the hairband on
Open the single sachet of hair band , Stretch the Nitolic Prevent hair
band to activate aromatic substances locked in
the fibers , Pin a pony tail , bun or a braid and tie the hair with Nitolic Prevent hai band

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Oil complex which includes: Rosemary Oil ,
tea tree oil , Peppermint oil ,
Citronella Oil , Sage oil ,
Lavender Oil